About North Penn Networks

North Penn Networks Limited is a website design company headquarted in Montgomery township, Pennsylvania.

The company specializes in creating website with the Drupal Content Management System and WordPress. Together, they power more then 10% of the entire web.

The cost of website design has gone down significantly in recent years. If you're comfortable designing and uploading files on your own, it's possible to host one for less than $25 per year. This would cover the cost of owning a domain, around $12/year and $10 for serving traffic. Please see this Amazon Web Services tutorial on how you can do that. Amazon does offer domain registration but if you'd like to choose your own, that is possible too.

Feel free to contact North Penn Networks if you would like to discuss creating a website to complement your brick and mortar store. With the web there really are limitless possibilities. You can also use the web to create online journals, start crypto currencies, and also my personal favorite host cat videos. Contact North Penn Networks to see how you can put the web to work for you and your organization.